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Vinotheque in the Castle

in vino veritas

Experience the Trossen vineyard and its breathtakingly beautiful view of Traben-Trabach.  Wine lovers whose tastes run to particularly fine and ecologically produced wines will be in heaven. “I learned to love nature while still in the crib, and as a child I spent as much time as possible in the vineyards,” Jörg Trossen remembers. “We learned how to manage and protect resources.“ His wines have been awarded numerous gold and silver medals, and his Rickelsberg was recognized as one of Europe’s best Rieslings.  For the vinotheque „Im Schlösschen“ the Trossen family has selected one of the Mosel’s best and best-known vineyards. Their goal is to present the highest quality wines from the whole region, from the Saar to the lower Mosel. 

The collection reflects the diversity of the steep slope vineyards in this unique landscape. Here you can sample wines which express the pride of the vintners and the intensive, year round work necessary to get such great results.

  • Weingut (Vineyard) Trossen (Jörg and Mark), Traben-Trarbach
  • Weingut Leo Fuchs, Pommern
  • Weingut Steinbacher Hof, Traben-Trarbach
  • Weingut Markus Molitor, Wehlen
  • Weingut Rebenhof, Ürzig
  • Weingut von Othegrafen, Kanzem (Saar)
  • Weingut C. A. Haussmann,Traben-Trarbach
  • Weingut Caspari - Kappel. Enkirch
  • Weingut Kallfelz, Zell
  • Weingut Schmittges, Erden

Also available, a variety of highest-quality goods directly from local producers: edible oils, vinegars, salts, and jellies.

Guests can also experience the world of wines in the vineyard’s own vinotheque at their leisure. The Trossen family makes no secret of its world-class methods, and is happy to describe how the best and most sustainable wines are produced:

Weingut Trossen, Alter Brauerweg 6, 56841 Traben-Trarbach, Tel. 06541/2937

We wish you a relaxing holiday full of adventuresome wining and dining, and look forward to your visit!


Tuesday to Saturday from 14:00 to about 22:00

Closed on Sundays and Mondays (Larger groups can be booked on these days, just ask about availability).

Seating: about 30

OPENING hours of the vineyard's own house vintheque (Alter Brauer Weg 6):

Daily from 12.00 noon, excepts Tuesdays


Weingut Trossen GbR
Alter Brauer Weg 6
D-56841 Traben-Trarbach
Tel. 06541 2937