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Bio-Sauna mit Moselblick

Dampfbad mit 45°C im Wellness - Spa Hotel Moselschlösschen in Traben-Trarbach direkt an der Mosel

Entspannendes Dampfbad

Sauna world at the Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort

Numerous saunas and a very special winter DREAM await you in our sauna world. With temperatures ranging from -5°C to +90°C, it's not just your circulation that gets going - saunas are relaxing and good for the soul.

The sauna world is open daily from 11:00 to 20:00.

Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort

Finnish sauna

At 25 m², the Finnish sauna is the largest sauna. Temperatures of up to 90°C, an automatic infusion system and the panoramic window with a direct view of the Moselle ensure a perfect sauna experience. Aspen benches and the oak wall and ceiling panelling transport your senses into nature. Our own sauna infusions are regularly offered here. You can find out the infusion times in the daily programme - a must for every sauna fan.

Bio Sauna

Relax with a panoramic view in the 18 m² bio sauna made of aspen and acacia wood. Due to the low temperatures of up to 60°C and increased humidity, bio saunas are also ideal for sauna beginners.

Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort
Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort

Steam bath

Some like it hot - others prefer the steam bath. With temperatures of around 45°C, it's just as good to sweat here! In the steam bath, the high humidity strengthens your immune system, has a detoxifying effect and relaxes your muscles from head to toe. The extraordinary design accompanies you into your moment of relaxation.

Infrared sauna

You can enjoy a special sauna experience in the infrared sauna. You can also sweat here, but with a different kind of heat. The room temperatures are significantly lower at 35-50°C, but the body is warmed by the direct infrared rays. When you take a sauna in the infrared sauna, the heat not only hits the body, but also works deep under the skin.

Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort
WinterTraum im Hotel Moselschlösschen - Abkühlung nach dem Saunieren


What would a sauna be without a nice cool-down after your sauna session? It snows for you all year round in our WinterTRAUM. At -5°C you can cool off with the fine powder snow. Rub the white flakes over your skin and enjoy the changing temperatures. Brave souls can press the snowstorm button and be sprinkled with fresh powder snow.

Bio sauna in the Lady & Private Spa

There are two more bio saunas in the wellness area: the Lady Spa and the Private Spa. In the high-quality, cozy aspen wood saunas, you can relax at around 60°C in a small group of ladies or in the private spa with your chosen loved one.

Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort
Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort

Steam bath in the Lady Spa

You can also enjoy a health-promoting steam bath in the company of women. There is a large Himalayan salt stone in the middle of the steam sauna. This not only provides a visual effect, but also creates a brine solution in the air. The salty air has a positive effect on your respiratory tract and skin.

Sauna tips

From sauna beginners to sauna lovers - have a good time. Between and after saunas, numerous relaxation rooms invite you to relax. And our Kneipp pool in the atrium provides extra cooling.

We have summarized the most important information about saunas for all sauna beginners:

  • Saunas are taken without clothing and there are good reasons for this: The fabric prevents evaporation and therefore cooling of the skin. The heat can also cause bacteria and germs. If you still want to cover up, you can put on a cotton towel. 
  • Sit or lie on your sauna towel in the sauna. The length of a sauna session depends entirely on you and your well-being. A sauna session should not last longer than 15 minutes. 
  • We recommend a 30-minute rest period between sauna sessions. 
  • Enjoy a refreshing shower before and after the sauna. You can also cool off in the WinterTRAUM, the ice fountain and the Kneipp pool. 
  • The sauna process can be repeated afterwards. As a rule, two to three passes are made. 
  • Please note that the sauna is a place of rest. Furthermore, the consumption of alcoholic beverages before and during the sauna sessions is not recommended. Instead, enjoy our fruit water or a hot tea.

We look forward to welcoming you to our sauna world and are always happy to answer your questions!