In unserem Spa haben Sie die Möglichkeit sich ganz nach Ihren Bedürfnissen wohlzufühlen – sich zu aktivieren, zu entspannen, sich ganz auf sich zu fokussieren, sich inspirieren zu lassen und sich voller Kraft und Energie immer wieder neu zu spüren. Schildern Sie uns Ihre Bedürfnisse und wir stellen uns auf Ihre Wünsche ein. Die Konzeptsäulen unserer Ausrichtung erleichtern Ihnen, die richtige Behandlung zu finden.

SPA packages

ENERGIEzeit - let go of everyday life


  • HARMONIEvoll – aroma candle massage
  • Your personal Moselschlösschen ENERGIEbox
  • VITALdrink

ENERGIEquelle – let go of everyday life and recharge your batteries


  • waveCENTER – deep centering on the Wavebalance® waterbed
  • KLARheit head, shoulders and neck
  • Your personal Moselschlösschen ENERGIEbox
  • VITALdrink

LEBENSzeit - a little bit of happiness - body treatment


  • FederLEICHT lymph drainage
  • Your personal Moselschlösschen LEBENSbox
  • VITALdrink

LEBENSquelle - a little bit of happiness, face & body treatment


  • KörperSTARK- individual treatment time
  • GLÜCKSberührung - facial treatment
  • Your personal Moselschlösschen LEBENSbox
  • VITALdrink

REGENERATIONSzeit – arrive and relax


  • losLÖSEND - full body massage
  • Your personal Moselschlösschen REGENERATIONSbox
  • VITALdrink

REGENERATIONSquelle – arrive, unwind & recharge


  • HARMONIEvoll – aroma candle massage
  • waveNOURISH - on the Wavebalance® waterbed
  • Your personal Moselschlösschen REGENERATIONSbox
  • VITALdrink

INSPIRATIONSzeit – clear head


  • waveINSPIRE - pure flow of life on the Wavebalance® waterbed
  • Your personal Moselschlösschen INSPIRATIONSbox
  • VITALdrink

INSPIRATIONSquelle – clear head and fresh impetus


  • KLANGkörper – singing bowl massage
  • WaveINSPIRE on the wavebalance® waterbed
  • Your personal Moselschlösschen INSPIRATIONSbox
  • VITALdrink

ICHsein – feeling a strong connection to your roots and being totally with oneself

  • waveCenter – deep centering on the Wavebalance® waterbed
  • GLÜCKSberührung - facial treatment
  • ZENTRIERUNG - combination massage: foot reflex zone & back
  • WOHLgefühl – individual treatment time
  • Your personal Moselschlösschen LEBENSbox


AUFTANKEN – All-round care for men

The powerful combination for body and face. Massages and active care ingredients ensure maximum deep relaxation and a fresh, revitalised appearance. A soothing massage for the back, neck, arms and hands calms the body and mind. The intensive face care that follows combines maximum effectiveness with deep recovery. A power package in a class of its own!

DURCHATMEN - deep regeneration for men

Facial and back treatment for deep relaxation! The back and neck massage gets you in the mood for the relaxation programme. Gentle cleansing and care with an ice effect have a calming and recharging effect - just what men need. Regeneration to feel good and catch your breath.

ABTAUCHEN – The quick freshness kick for men

The freshness experience for HIM! After thorough cleansing, the individual care starts with the highlight of a deep facial massage. Dynamism and vitality for your radiance.

leuchtKRAFT - magical refreshment for skin and soul

The special treatment for more glow and resilience, with refreshing and vitalising active ingredients that improve the skin's elasticity. Lasting skin regeneration and an exceptional care experience in one.

WIRKUNGSstark - intensive facial treatment

The care revolution in a class of its own - bio-lifting and skin renewal with enzyme peeling, a cocktail of deep-acting special products and a lifting massage. The result - radiance, youthfulness, an even appearance and a completely new skin feeling.

pflegeGLÜCK – individual & relaxing facial treatment

Skin diagnosis, cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, active ingredient serum, intensive massage of the face, neck and neckline, special face pack, extra intensive eye care, day-care.

pflegeSTARK – individual facial treatment

Skin diagnosis, cleansing, peeling, active ingredient serum, deep cleansing or short massage of face and neck, face pack and day-care.

Cosmetics for hands & feet

HANDgemacht - SPA manicure

A pampering programme for the hands. The manicure begins with an invigorating finger bath and a skin-renewing peeling. Next, the nails are shaped, and the cuticles are treated. The care treatment concludes with a cream application, resulting in beautifully groomed and well-protected hands.

  • nail polish included

STANDhaft - SPA pedicure

Stand firmly on the ground with well-groomed feet. The pampering programme begins with a soothing foot bath and refreshing exfoliation. Next, the nails are shaped and smoothed and the cuticles and calluses are treated. The treatment concludes with a cream application and leaves your feet revitalised and well-cared for.

  • nail polish included

Additional booking options

Bookable in combination with facial treatment

Eyelash tinting
15 min | 20 €

Eyebrow tinting
10 min | 14 €

Eyebrow correction
10 min | 14 €

Brows & eyelash tinting
20 min | 26 €


Depilation face, chin or upper lip
10 min. | € 14

Depilation armpits or bikini area
25 min | 40 €

Make Up

Day make-up

Make-up consultation

Individual consultation tailored to type


losLÖSEND – classic massage

Tensions are relieved in a firm and sensitive way. The blood supply to the skin, muscles and fasciae improves, the nervous system is relaxed, and even pain-relieving hormones are released. As a result, you feel free and able to recharge your batteries with ease.

Partial body massage
35 Min. | 64 €

Full body massage
50 Min. | 80 €

körperSTARK – individual massage

Individual and tailor-made for special concerns and needs. Classic massage elements and special techniques merge to create a personal feel-good moment. You choose the focus, and we take care of it. Your own resources are strengthened, and your potential awakened.

federLEICHT – lymph drainage


Take a deep breath - let it out - get into the flow. The gentle, relieving massage technique of Iymph drainage steers you intentionally into tranquillity. The result is lightness, deep relaxation, and inner strength for the soul and the immune system.

KLARheit - head, shoulder and neck massage

Loosening up massage grips and stimulating acupressure points free the head & neck and take the pressure off the shoulders. Clarity and inspiration create space for new things.

losLÖSEND – classic massage

Tensions are relieved in a firm and sensitive way. The blood supply to the skin, muscles and fasciae improves, the nervous system is relaxed, and even pain-relieving hormones are released. As a result, you feel free and able to recharge your batteries with ease.

Partial body massage
35 Min. | 64 €

Full body massage
50 Min. | 80 €

AUSgleichend – foot reflexology

A pressure point massage on the foot with a whole-body effect. Self-healing powers are activated, and the immune system strengthened. A special pampering programme for feet burdened by everyday life that helps you stand firmly with both feet on the ground.

CENTERING - combination massage: foot reflex zones and back

Zentrieren Fliessen

The benefits of classic back massage and reflexology as an unbeatable duo to help you sense your inner strength and ground yourself

durchSTARTEN – sports massage

Fließen Nähren

Deep-acting - powerful - liberating. Release of tension through intensive massage strokes and activating tonic. The ideal preparation for activity and sport, and regeneration and refreshment after exertion.

FORMstark – contour treatment and massage


Intensive massage strokes that stimulate circulation, massage cups and green tea-ginger massage oil tone and detoxify the skin. Together with the professional Physio-Tool massager, they combat cellulite and leave a pleasant feeling on the skin. A highly effective full-body treatment with a focus on toned arms and legs.

erNEUernd - body peeling & balm


Gentle cleansing, activation and care of the skin for new freshness and radiance. The ideal preparation for a subsequent massage.

HARMONIEvoll - aroma candle massage

Zentrieren Nähren Inspirieren

Wonderfully touched and deeply relaxed with warm coconut oil, beeswax & aromatic essences. Body and soul in harmony and balance.

rückenKRAFT – intensive back massage

Zentrieren Fließen

Let go and recharge your batteries with a deep cupping massage and classic intensive back massage. Release tension lastingly for a strong back.

einKLANG – singing bowl massage

Zentrieren Fließen  

The gentle path to deep relaxation. Various singing bowls with different frequencies and sizes are placed on the body and struck. Through the sound and vibrations, blockages can be released. No other wellness treatment can help you achieve a deep state of relaxation as quickly as this one because it is easy for your body and mind to let go and experience inner lightness.

naturKRAFT – herbal stamp massage

Zentrieren Fließen

With the help of special massage techniques, warm oil and fragrant herbal stamps help you let go completely and deaccelerate in a lasting way. Inner peace radiates, and you feel completely at one with yourself.

bewegungsFREI – fascia massage


Deep-seated tension is released with intensive fascial massage grips and massage cups. The treatment is like physical training for the connective tissue and the whole body. The result is an immediate improvement in mobility, a feeling of freedom in the body and the straightening of the body structure. This is the path to new energy and activating vitality.

LEICHTigkeit – Moselle Special


A full body treatment including facial, abdominal and neckline massage. Special massage techniques and warm natural oils help the body find lightness and deeply nourish tense muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage cups have a loosening, relieving and circulation-enhancing effect. Everything flows!


waveFLOW - flowing lightness


The whole body is playfully and sustainably mobilised and activated - vital energy flows! Gently touched and rhythmically moved by sensitive treatment on the deliciously warm waterbed. Loosely relaxed joints and a wonderful lightness set in.

waveCENTER - deep centering


Find peace and tranquillity, pause for a moment and reflect on your inner self. The Wavebalance® waterbed oscillates to the rhythm of the wave. Your feet, legs, hips, spine and neck are loosened by a gently rhythmic sequence of touches and manipulations. Deep-seated blockages can dissolve noticeably in the resonance, resulting in a feeling of inner strength and a calm mind.

waveNOURISH - inner balance


Rhythmically floating on waves, being cradled, moved and treated. By using your own weight, the resistance of the water and the power of the wave, blockages and tensions are released holistically. Allow yourself to sink into spiral movements and stretches and feel new freedom of movement in your hips, spine, shoulders and neck. Pure balsam for body and soul.

waveINSPIRE - pure flow of life


A source of endless renewal - being moved and touched in the rhythm of the waves intensifies our awareness of the beauty and purity around us. Through very light, flowing touches, deep relaxation spreads throughout the body. Self-healing powers can unfold.

WAVElife - experience the flow

Zentrieren Fließen Nähren Inspirieren

An extraordinary flow experience on the Wavebalance® waterbed, which resonates with every movement. The body is moved, touched, treated and stretched in a harmonious way. Enter into a wonderful meditation of movement that gives you new strength and fresh life energy. Feeling and hearing merge into a unique sensory whole-body experience.

Private SPA


Private Spa Suite im Hotel Moselschlösschen mit Bio-Sauna und Whirlpool

You celebrate precious "WE" moments together in our Spa Suite, which is reserved exclusively for you. It can be booked for private time together or combined with the classic massage offer from the SPA menu.

180 min

€ 70 / person (2 - 6 people possible)
€ 50 / each additional hour

WohlGEFÜHL treatment time in the SPA suite

can be booked as per the SPA menu. Our SPA experts are always happy to put together an individual "WE" experience for you. Don't hesitate to ask us!

Culinary delights in the SPA suite

Select from a variety of accompanying gourmet packages. We prepare these lovingly for you and serve them at a time of your choice.

(prices as per bar menu)

Our partners

Annemarie Borlind

Vegan, effective and innovative - made in the Black Forest

A scientific, pioneering spirit, lived values, and the responsible, sustainable use of natural resources guarantee highly effective and natural care experiences.


The German cult brand that optimises natural, sustainable care for top performance - confidently and specifically for men's skin. Highly effective, 100% plant-based products tailored to the special needs of men's skin rejuvenate, revitalise and nourish with the power of the forest.


The specialist for health-oriented wellness treatments is a reliable partner for training, massage and body products. Their respectful treatment of people and nature forms the basis for the ongoing development and quality of their products.


Our varnish is made in Germany and consists of over 80% natural ingredients. The texture allows nails to maintain their natural renewal cycle and thus their vitality and flexibility. Naturally 100% vegan.

Signature-Behandlungen und Verwöhn-Highlights

WAVEBALANCE • Signature Rituale

Mit besonderer Achtsamkeit haben wir die exklusiven Signature-Rituale auf der wavebalance®-Liege entwickelt. Berührung, Tiefenerlebnis, Nachhaltigkeit mit Wirkung auf seelischer, körperlicher und emotionaler Ebene.
Die wavebalance® Rituale werden in einem Floater durchgeführt, der mit etwa 500 Liter warmen Wasser gefüllt ist. Durch die natürlichen Schwingungseigenschaften und die wohlig warme Temperatur des Wassers ist ein Loslassen ab dem ersten Moment möglich und der Blick auf neue Kräfte kann frei werden. Erleben Sie ausgewählte Massagerituale in einer neuen Dimension und spüren Sie das erholsame Gefühl der Schwerelosigkeit und des getragen Werdens im Rhythmus der Wellen.

Auf der wavebalance®-Wasserliege erfahren Sie fünf unterschiedliche Massagerituale. Alle Anwendungen genießen Sie auf dem Rücken liegend - so sind sie auch für werdende Mamas geeignet und entführen Sie in einen tieferholsamen Moment. 

Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort

naturKRAFT • Kräuterstempelmassage

Warmes Öl und warme, duftende Kräuterstempel führen mit Hilfe spezieller Massagetechniken zu tiefem Loslassen und nachhaltiger Entschleunigung. Innere Ruhe breitet sich aus und Sie fühlen sich ganz bei sich angekommen.

einKLANG • Klangschalenmassage

Der sanfte Weg zur Tiefenentspannung. Verschiedene Klangschalen mit unterschiedlichen Frequenzen und Größen werden auf den Körper aufgesetzt und angeschlagen. Durch den Klang und die Vibrationen können Blockaden gelöst werden. Es gelingt so schnell wie bei keiner anderen Wellnessbehandlung in einen tiefentspannten Zustand zu kommen, weil es Körper und Kopf leicht fällt loszulassen und innere Leichtigkeit zu spüren.

Massagen mit Klangschalen im Moselschlösschen in Traben-Trabach an der Mosel
Wellnessurlaub mit entspannender Massage im Moselschlösschen

HARMONIEvoll • Aromakerzenmassage

Fühlen Sie sich wunderbar berührt und tief entspannt! Bei der Aromakerzenmassage werden Sie mit angenehm warmen Kerzenwachs aus Kokosöl, Bienenwachs und Aromaessenzen massiert. Das erwärmte Wachs ist speziell für die Verwöhnanwendung hergestellt und bringt Körper und Seele in Harmonie und Balance.

Unser Tipp:

 Buchen Sie Ihre Spa Behandlungen schon frühzeitig vor Anreise - damit wir Ihre Wunschtermine einplanen können. Vor Ort sind wegen der großen Nachfrage oftmals keine freien Termine mehr verfügbar.